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What constitutes a Trademark Boler Trailer?

Some tips for determining if you have one.

When searching the internet for pictures and posts about boler trailers, one can easily find thousands of images of what appear to be boler trailers. In turn, it’s sometimes easy to assume that there must be thousands of bolers that are still in existence today. However, the actual count of authentic trademark bolers that are still around today remains a mystery. 

It sometimes may be a difficult task to determine if a 'boler looking' trailer is indeed an authentic trademark boler. So what is an authentic trademark boler? These are boler trailers that were originally built under the boler brand associated with a number of manufacturers with signed franchise agreements approved by the boler factory in Winnipeg, Canada.

These authentic bolers can be traced back to a number of approved manufactures such as Glass-Fab, Neonex (Vanguard/Division of Neonex), Earlton Manufacturing Ltd., Tri-Fab (Boler American), Midhurst Fibreglass Ltd. and of course Boler Manufacturing Ltd. Winnipeg.

Many bolers still around today unfortunately have lost some of their visual brand marks such as registration stickers (usually found adhered to inside closet door), outer shell manufacturers badges, and in some cases the original paint scheme and decal logos. However, many still have all or some of these branding components.

Not all boler franchised manufactures played fair.

History tells that several manufactures working under the boler franchise agreement released their own versions of the boler trailer using the molds, or in some cases modifying the molds to create look-a-like bolers or 'decoys'.

The photos below show some examples of verifiable visual evidence that a boler was likely to have been built as an authentic trademarked  Boler Travel Trailer -