Clones, clones and more clones arrive on the scene in 1972

In the year leading up to Boler's eventual sale to Neonex in 1973


By 1972 TRI-FAB decided that they would begin building their own brand of fibreglass trailers. According to Mr. Darwin Buls, (former employee of TRI-FAB, a company mould-maker,  and the first to talk with Boler Manufacturing in Winnipeg) According to Mr. Buls- it is not hard to change fibreglass moulds and they couldn’t  use the exact mould that Boler had given them so they raised the height of the trailer by 6-inches and added 6-inches to the length. In September 1972 they now had a 13-foot  6-inch trailer that they named the Love Bug. According to Mr. Buls, the company also began building several extended versions of the Love Bug which included lengths of 15-, 17- and 18 feet. 

It is interesting to note that in addition to TRI-FAB in Iowa, the Boler franchise in Kansas also elected to start manufacturing their own Boler lookalike units. Meanwhile, with the demise of Boler American in 1972, this left the field clear for other boler clones to appear on the market like the Scamp. Boler Canada was reported to be not happy with these turns of events. Near the same time in western Canada a few 'boler decoys' were also being produced by Glass-Fab in Peace River,  Alberta.